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How are things for Adjuncts across the country?

To Innovate or Not to Innovate?

 There were 137 participants in the Innovation Survey.  Thanks for participating!  The results will be posted this weekend.  91% of those who answered are in the bargaining unit and 9% were not.  The majority of the participants are adjuncts who have taught over 72 ECH, or long term adjuncts at Moraine Valley.

What Does Innovation Look Like?

1.     Do you find Moraine Valley Community College innovative toward adjuncts?

        NO   58.4%             YES     41.6% 

2.    What adjunct area do you use most often?

B240        37.3%             C102          9.7%

D108         11.2%             D149C        2.2%

F228         11.9%             T116          4.5%

Off Campus                                                     11.2%

Didn’t know there were adjunct areas               11.9% 

3.    Are supplies available for teaching (pens, pencils, markers, photocopier)?

ALL   54.2%             MOST     28.2%        SOME   14.5%           NOT  3.1%

4.    For which department do you teach?

            Academic Outreach             1%            Career Programs                   15.2%

            Developmental Education    12.8%         Fine Arts/Humanities          11.2%

            Liberal Arts                          26.4%      Library                                   1%

            Off Campus                           1%           Science & Business             29.6% 

5.    Are the materials you need to teach available (text, teaching tools, online logins)?

ALL   55.9%             MOST     31.5%         SOME   9.4%             NOT  2.4%    


6.    Have you ever heard of the Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL)?

YES   92.1%             NO      7.9%

7.    What is your overall opinion of the CTL?

POSITIVE     48.7%


NEGATIVE    4.3%


8.    Have you taken advantage of any of the services offered by the CTL?

YES   68.4%             NO      31.6%

            If NO, what is the primary reason why not?

                       TIMING of classes is not convenient          33.3%

                NO incentive to go                            22.2%

                        NO interest in the topics offered                                    22.2%

                        CTL classes are not required                                  16.7%

                        I don’t need any professional development                     5.6%

                        Not aware of offerings                                           0%

            For what other reasons have you not taken advantage of the services offered?

                       TIMING of classes is not convenient          50%

               NO interest in the topics offered            38.9%

           CTL classes are not required                                  19.4%

           NO incentive to go                                                   16.7%

                       NOT aware of offerings                                           13.9%

           I don’t need any professional development                     8.3%


9.    Are you likely to take advantage of any of the services in the CTL this semester?

NO   66.7%             YES     33.3% 

10.  What one innovative idea for adjuncts would you like to see implemented at MVCC?

COLLABORATION                      22%

PAY                                     16.3%


RESPECT                                                        12.2%

FACILITIES                                                  8.9%

OTHER                                                           1.6%

NONE                                                             8.9%

DON’T KNOW                                               16.3%

There was so much variation in the responses to this question but that was the point!

COLLABORATION:  meeting with department, idea input, curriculum development, input for tests, texts, resources, coordination and consistency with teaching


PAY:  more money, make adjuncts full time, incentives for professional development, compensation for collaboration and free gym membership


PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT:  sabbatical, teaching tips for critical thinking, more workshops after 5pm, Adjunct 101 course, professional development outside of the CTL, graduate classes on campus, ability to attend conferences and credit for presenting


RESPECT:  consistency in class observations, transparency in administration, class assignment based upon seniority, consistency in treatment, and respect specifically mentioned


FACILITIES:  parking, locker space, space to meet with students in FPAC, adjunct staff directory and more support at off campus locations


OTHER:  have the option of being considered independent contractors and hands on workshop for instructors teaching Earth Science/Environmental Science at extension centers to see methods used in more complete labs on main campus

11.  Please pick three ideas for adjunct innovation you would favor from the list provided.

Clear path to becoming a full time instructor            61.5%

Class assignment by seniority                             45.1%

Participation in decision making for your department    32.8%

Participation in choosing texts                                              29.5%

Voice in scheduling                                                               28.7%

Stipend for participation in decision making                          23%

Having a Dean for the Adjuncts                                            21.3%

Attending department meetings                                             20.5%

Participation in decision making for the college                     16.4%

Wellness points tied to participation                                     13.1%


Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey!

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